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What students are saying . . . 

The game of bridge is like an iceberg. What we see/learn at first is above the water and visible/attainable for all. What’s underwater is where the game gets impressive and truly interesting. Zach’s lessons take us below the surface and give us strategies to succeed when the play isn’t readily apparent. I recommend other aspiring bridge players to sign up for Zach's classes

— Marcy G.


I found Zach's insights into declarer play extremely helpful. His disciplined and analytic approach to planning the play, and envisioning the dangers/possibilities early on, were great. I particularly enjoyed getting insight into how an outstanding player thinks about the game.  

— Phil S.


Zach's analysis of the hands we played in class was perfect.   At first I thought his lesson was going to be redundant with what I already knew — WRONG!!! As always, I learned a lot and reinforced some things already in the noggin.

I really loved being able to play the hand and then be walked through the correct play… that was unique and not something other online classes offer!

Kathryn C.

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